Case Studies-Web Design

Cross Platform Mobile App For Listing Articles

Web Design

This group publishes articles, they required a system which would work across iOS, Android & Blackberry platform. App supports offline reading and live searching of new articles.

Restaurant Menu

Web Design /

iPad app for menu of the food chain. Created a web based admin panel which allows easy management of the menu items and prices.

Vehicles Tracking

Web Design /

The transport company required an app which will work across Android based smartphones and tablets. The main purpose is to keep track of the vehicles out on operations with help of GPS. User can view the current position of all vehicles in a list or on map.

Ghost game app (jetcityapps)

Graphic Design / Web Design /

This is a turn based word game which can be played with 2 to 4 friends. Users need to register with the app and then can play amongst friends.
Players take turns to pick up a letter and form a word. The game play involves challenging other players. Aim of the game is to survive the longest by making valid words. Game ends for a player with 5 wrong words. Last player remaining is the winner of the game.

Audio/Video app

Graphic Design / Web Design /

User can browse and listen to all type of audio and video from the SideShowNetwork. When playing, audio or video player has all the option play, pause , stop fast forward and fast backward. User can also also see info related to video and audio when listening to the webcast. User can send mail, post on Facebook, share on Twitter content from app.

Rainsnow Animation

/ Web Design /

An application which shows Rain and Snow animations on a camera preview and allows users to click photos with it.
It has interesting rain, snow and thunder sound effects in order to show a real effect for rain and snow. Supports sharing captured photos via Facebook, Twitter and Email. App has been made in both iOS and Android.

Medical Tourism Management Software & Website

Web Design

Health Tourism India acclaimed healthcare referral company providing superior surgical treatment options thorough World Renowned Doctors & Surgeons in India. It cater to cost sensitive overseas patients, and companies.

Customer Relationship Management Solution

Web Design /

Client is a solution provider of photocopier and faxes. It is into rental business and having customer base in Delhi and NCR. Pioneer wants to automate its function through software. Through software Pioneer wants to control the employees and the system through performance and monitoring.

Clothing Exporter Product Catalogue & Website

Web Design

Client have it's own production unit where they are manufacturing mainly the ladies garments. All the incoming raw materials are thoroughly checked by their quality team and then it goes to production unit. Once the design is made and approved by the client then it goes for final production with all details

IMD Charting Application

Web Design

This system was developed for the Indian Meteorological Department. The main purpose was to help in swift data transfer from remote locations to the charting division which would then plot charts from the data provided/searched for subsequent analysis.

Web based Database Driven Application For Business Planning & Qualifying System Development

Web Design

his project involved maintaining an online database of the Startup-Partner's of the company. Each Startup-Partner (generally very well known ISP/network providers and other large partner companies) is designated with access information to gain entry into a secured database of the company's web site in order to add information of Technology Startup Companies which they wish to sponsor.

Web Software Testing

Web Design

The client develops and markets solutions for traditionally chaotic processes used to transfer e-business and eCommerce related information and applications to multiple audiences via the Internet (a large number of users geographically distributed). The client's key products include workflow, content contribution and management, security, versioning and editions, personalization, profile-based viewing, eCommerce, integration and dynamic delivery.

B2B Marketplace

Web Design

The project involves creation of a B2B marketplace for the produce industry. End users of the service are buyers or sellers of any produce (fruits, vegetables, etc). These users are able to connect to each other using the marketplace. Sellers are able to quote their prices with relation to shipping locations. The seller may quote different pricing to different locations of the same or multiple buyers.

E-Commerce & E-Business Application Development

Web Design

The client is a leading automobile and automotive parts seller and distributor based in Florida. The client company sells a very large number of merchandises extensively through eCommerce / eBusiness as well as from brick & mortar stores.