About ZAAX

ZAAX has formed partnerships with various other like minded IT service providers around the world in order to assure that its clients get the best solutions, no matter where they are. Our customers are usually small and medium enterprises who may require solutions to small problems which we could provide within hours, ranging to large multiple man month projects which may require onsite work in part or full.

Our Products

Hospital Management

This is one of the best solutions in the industry as we have devise solutions according to the paying capacity of the client. Having a slightly difference in features it suits wide range of client.

Crop Insurance

An integrated IT solution, is a web and mobile app based ecosystem to speed up service delivery, achieve a single view of data, eliminate manual processes and thus provide insurance services to farmers in a fast way.


MediNEXT is a software system for enabling third party administrators for health insurance companies manage their operations.Health Insurance is one of the largest growing industries in India as well as in other countries.

Pre-insurance Management

The health risk assessment furnishes health & risk status before you in a matter of minutes, so that you can take preventive measures to avoid a specific condition and prevent it from deteriorating further.

Document Management

Document management controls the life cycle of documents in the organisation how they are created, reviewed, published, and consumed, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained.


Great! You landed at the right place. We can help you on any aspect of any of your projects. We have the manpower you need and we can produce the same results at perhaps a lesser time span but definitely more economically. We have the infrastructure to handle big projects and are looking for people who can benefit from our expertise.

Our specialisation is software development under the Windows/Mac/Linux environments, using the latest advanced development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio Code, XCode, Android Studio and ORACLE JDeveloper. We have undertaken several database based projects involving Inventory Control, Production Control, Payment Control, Financial Control, Management Information Systems and various other Custom Software Projects.

Our skill sets include:
  • React/Native, PHP, LAMP, RoR, CGI, ASP, XML, WML, HTML, DHTML
  • J2EE (Java, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JSF, JSP, Servlets, EJB, CORBA, RMI, JDBC, JTS, JMS, JavaMail, etc.)
  • .NET Platform (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#)
  • Apple/Mac platform (XCode/ObjectiveC/Swift with latest iOS versions)
  • Latest Android SDK for all Android versions
  • Web Services, REST, WSDL, XML, SOAP
  • Eclipse, Android Studio, Netbeans, Delphi, Visual Studio/Code, C++ Builder, XCode, JBuilder, JDeveloper, Developer/Designer
  • Javascript, Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node, Meteor, Laravel, CodeIgnitor
  • HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, SNMP, ICMP, Firewalls
  • Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, DB2 UDB, Interbase/Firebird, MySQL, SAP-DB, PG-SQL, Access, Visual FoxPro, ODBC
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Open Server, Solaris
  • Oracle AS, Websphere, Glassfish, Tomcat, Jetty, Resin
  • Satellite Forms, CodeWarrior, CDK, MS-EVT, Phone/SMS Applications