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Medical Tourism Management Software & Website

Health Tourism India acclaimed healthcare referral company providing superior surgical treatment options thorough World Renowned Doctors & Surgeons in India. It cater to cost sensitive overseas patients, and companies.

Client is a professionally managed, diversified enterprise engaged in core segments of - Health care, Health Care Recruitment Services, Panel of Doctors & Surgeons, Hospital/ Nursing Homes & Travel & Tourism Services.

We have developed a customised product for them where they can manage all the activity like Insurance Policies handling, plan all travel and lodging, Case management, Treatment plan, Claim Process.

Our solution is built on the PHP Platform. This platform gives us the flexibility of speed, scalability, security, performance in web environment. For ease it uses ajax and java script. It uses the industry's standard and stable database, MySql.

Some modules:

Admin Module:Admin can add, edit and delete a master record. He can assign privileges to software users.

Creation of masters like Hospitals, Insurance company, Corporate, Agencies, Relations, Room types

User Modules :

Policies Creation: As per the rules of insurance company rules can be defined and it will capture all the policy terms and condition like Policy number, Name on Policy, Exclusions, family structure, Age limit etc.

Employee Records: This module manages contact details of principal family members as well as details of family member.

Search: Through this interface one can search patient, hospital, claims, records, complains etc

Propose estimate: This module will generate an estimate depending upon the disease, procedure and category of hospital. After generation it can be emailed to patient for confirmation.

Travel and Lodging: This module manages the travels, Taxi, Hotel and food till patient is back to his country.