IMD Charting Application

This system was developed for the Indian Meteorological Department. The main purpose was to help in swift data transfer from remote locations to the charting division which would then plot charts from the data provided/searched for subsequent analysis.

The server connects to the RTH FTP server hourly and downloads the set of compiled messages from that server. After downloading the messages, all the messages are processed by the system and stored in a database and indexed for faster searching and retrieval.

Another aspect of this server system is a module which enables the clients to be able to connect to the server and search for the charting data based on all the possible parameters that are part of the message as well as the date and time of the message retrieval.

The system is developed on the Linux operating system which makes it fast, secure and immune to viruses. The system is flexible enough to allow system admin to define/change the IP address of the RTH server at any time. Other commands are available which enable the administrator to purge old/obsolete messages/data from the system.

The client systems for accessing this server are also based on the Linux operating system in order to avail the inherent benefits over windows as described above. Each client is configured and optimised for connectivity to the server. The clients connect to the server using the standard HTTP protocol.