B2B Marketplace

Client : Major player in the produce industry.

Team : Two ASP Programmers.

Software Technologies : ASP, SQL Server7, Windows NT, SSL

Duration : 4-1/2 months

Brief Description : The project involves creation of a B2B marketplace for the produce industry. End users of the service are buyers or sellers of any produce (fruits, vegetables, etc). These users are able to connect to each other using the marketplace. Sellers are able to quote their prices with relation to shipping locations. The seller may quote different pricing to different locations of the same or multiple buyers. Each location may have up to a fixed limit of users (based on the commercial terms at sign up). Each such user at the buyer's location has the flexibility of maintaining his/her own price list (quote list) - this list is generally a subset of all the price lists quoted for that location. Sellers have the flexibility to change prices effective any future date - and the system will automatically quote the new pricing from such date onwards. There are histories maintained for each item sold from each source from each seller to each buyer. This history is brow sable at any later date no matter if that commodity is still being quoted to the buyer or not. Users can sign up online by entering their credit card information. A very powerful administrative interface is provided which allows for the system admin to maintain the commodity sources, commodities, commodity categories, classes, users, user locations, etc. The system incorporates a lot of system rules and security mechanisms which protect buyer and seller interests - Examples of such business rules are: A seller cannot quote multiple pricing for a commodity from a source to the same buyer location; Price lists cannot be assigned to buyers if they include commodities/sources already quoted to them in some previous price list; etc. Such rules make sure that the database remains clean and the buyers/sellers benefit as a result of the security/privacy/etc. The programming involved writing database level insert/update/delete triggers and stored procedures on the online SQL Server7 database. The system has support for Secured Server Layer (SSL) interface. The system uses ASP template files - therefore shifting to a different database or a different URL on a different server will only involve a change in a single line of ASP code.