Customer Relationship Management Solution

Client is a solution provider of photocopier and faxes. It is into rental business and having customer base in Delhi and NCR. Pioneer wants to automate its function through software. Through software Pioneer wants to control the employees and the system through performance and monitoring.

Client has more than 300 customers in Delhi and NCR.

Our CRM solution is built on php and MySql. It has installed in LAN environment at their head office. They can create multiple offices and assign many machines to that office which is the controlling office for that machine.

Some Modules

Create Companies

This module simply creates the main entity by putting the relevant information like Name, Address, Telephone number, fax etc and creates a master record in the database. This module is only available to Director of the company.

Under the companies multiple offices can be created depending upon the location of the offices.

Customer database

In this module, all the information of customers is managed. One customer can have more offices at different location. Every detail is punched to this module along with contact person details for each office. An agreement copy is also maintained between pioneer and customer about the machine rentals and all the terms and conditions are captured through this module for future reference.

Machine Details

This module allows entering the details of each machine like Name, model number, date of purchase etc. This information is created under specific office. Once machine unique Id is created then it can be available for rental.

In this module, it captured the part of billing details like, the rental scheme, assigned to which customer, date of agreement, number of photocopy, the billing cycle etc.

Employee Details

Through this module all the details of employee is captured. Name , designation, role, joining date etc. An employee id is generated after filling all the details of the employee. This module also tracks the daily attendance system.

Inventory Module

In this module all the parts of the machines are maintained for smooth functioning of business. This module keeps track of usage of parts and generates an alert for a specific part in case of shortage. For the first time user needs to enter the stocks of each part and system will maintain the inventory as an when there is a use issuance of that part.

This module also maintained the reorder level which can be defined by the supervisor.

Customer Relation

Whenever there is a call from customer, this module captures the requirement/problem by selecting the nature of call from a predefined list and take action at the earliest. A ticket number is generated for each call and then it will forward to concern department.

If there is some problem with the machine, that ticket is assigned to engineer who is nearer to that location. Supervisor can check all the tickets which are not solved for the date and take action accordingly.

It will also capture the priority of problem and shows the priority level for immediate concern.

Service Reports

For every visit service report has to fill to the system. Engineer fill the service report , mentioning the problem and what step he took for solution, part number replaced, any suggestion or requirement from customer etc.

System checks all the service reports against all tickets and generate alert to the management if any.

Bill generation

Bill/Invoice for each customer is generated through this interface. Depending upon the type of agreement system gives the alert to the accounts department for generation of bill for customers. Account guy fills all the required details for the billing and generates the bill number for that client.

When payment is received, this module also allows to fill the payment details with the bill number.

Follow up

This module checks the pending amount from the customers and generates alerts to the concern. There reports for different individual depending upon their roles in the organisation.