Case Studies-Graphic Design

Ghost game app (jetcityapps)

Graphic Design / Web Design /

This is a turn based word game which can be played with 2 to 4 friends. Users need to register with the app and then can play amongst friends.
Players take turns to pick up a letter and form a word. The game play involves challenging other players. Aim of the game is to survive the longest by making valid words. Game ends for a player with 5 wrong words. Last player remaining is the winner of the game.

Cartoon app

Graphic Design

It's a cartoon based app project where users interact with each other using a pre defined image having thought or speech bubbles.
Admin provide a new image each day with space for bubbles. User can see all comments and image. Registered users can like or unlike image and provide comments. These user comments are then displayed dynamically in the bubble in comic book format. Bubble can be a circle , ellipse, any zig zag design.

Audio/Video app

Graphic Design / Web Design /

User can browse and listen to all type of audio and video from the SideShowNetwork. When playing, audio or video player has all the option play, pause , stop fast forward and fast backward. User can also also see info related to video and audio when listening to the webcast. User can send mail, post on Facebook, share on Twitter content from app.

LED app

Graphic Design /

A business application which allows users to see their LED Displays' specifications, schedule display playlists and preview slides.
All data shown in the app comes through JSON parsing using php scripts. One can login into the app only if they have an account on the server hosted by company.App has been made in both iOS and Android..

Online Resume Generator Website & Custom Resume Maker Tool

Graphic Design /

Online resume website system where user can create a free subdomain based resume website (Banner supported) or choose to select one of the premium plans to use a personal domain. Paypal is used as payment gateway and site/domain handling is by WHMCS. User can create or upload a resume from admin panel, choose different themes and upload images/videos etc.