Pre-insurance Management

The health risk assessment furnishes health & risk status before you in a matter of minutes, so that you can take preventive measures to avoid a specific condition and prevent it from deteriorating further. Furthermore, health screening is done for pre-identified risk prone population to validate the outcome of health risk analysis.

Our product can manage any information regarding health. Anybody can submit a query and he will get the response immediately.

Our solution is built on the PHP Platform. This platform gives us the flexibility of speed, scalability, security, performance in web environment. For ease it uses ajax and java script. It uses the industry's standard and stable database, MySql.

Some modules:

  • Admin Module
  • User Modules
  • Network Hospital Management
  • Doctor's management
  • Health Risk Assessment/ Health Screening
  • Call Centre
  • Health checkups
  • Client Database
  • Help Desk management
  • Reports