Hospital Management

This is one of the best solutions in the industry as we have devise solutions according to the paying capacity of the client. Having a slightly difference in features it suits wide range of client.

Our Solution streamlines and integrate the operation processes and information flow in the hospital/nursing homes to synergise the resources namely men, material, money and equipments through information.

Our solution is built on the PHP Platform. This platform gives us the flexibility of speed, scalability, security, performance and allows for independence of hardware, CPU, platforms. Unlike .NET/Windows, PHP platform does not have per user license issues and is not limited to specific operating systems. It uses the industry most secured and stable database.

It has been developed and tested according to Indian market, their functioning and processes which are ease of use and user friendly. It has role based menu items which enables a double layer security. Admin can define the role and assign the functionality they want to give their users.

Major Modules

  • Reception Management
  • Patient Registration (OPD & IP)
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Out Patient Management
  • Out Patient Billing
  • Investigations (Lab/Pathology & Imaging)
  • Indoor Patient Management
  • OT Management
  • In-Patient Billing
  • Central Store & Inventory
  • Pharmacy/Drugs Billing and Inventory
  • Management Information System (MIS) Module
  • TPA Interacting Module
  • Electronic Data Interchange Module
  • HR Module
  • Inventory Module