Web Applications

In designing and developing web and e-business applications we use two approaches:

use of available commercial models and platforms (Ariba, Siebel, Commerce One, I2, etc.) and use of proprietary home grown technologies. In both the approaches there is substantial amount of interface development, customization, programming and systems integration involved. Selection of method depends on available development and turn-around time, budget, scalability, and future evolution plan. Almost all developments for B2B, B2C, Portal, Auction, or Community sites involve some kind of database design, and development, whether it's a commercial database package or a simple flat file.

Internet / Intranet / E-commerce / Web applications

  • Java applications, Scripts, applets, servlets, CORBA clients
  • Enabling existing applications to Web / Internet / Intranet
  • HTML, DHTML, SGML, XML, Perl, CGI, VB, ASP, Cold Fusion programming
  • Windows NT, Oracle, ColdFusion
  • Linux, mySQL, PHP Web integration with existing applications & databases
  • Back-end integration of Oracle, SQL Server, Access, DB2, Informix, Sybase, etc. to web (JDBC, ODBC)
  • Integrating tools and other applications to web.

Java related development

  • Applications development in Java (Sun, IBM, Java Swing, JDK, Beans, EJB, Visual Cafe, J++, etc.)
  • Distributed computing for Java (RMI/CORBA)
  • Building multi-tiered distributed systems, scale able, transactional, persistent, distributed components - deploy able across different operating systems, databases, application servers
  • Java business applications
  • Java for embedded and real-time systems
  • Java middleware tools
  • Rapid system prototyping ("proof of concept")
  • ava foundation classes (JFC, AWT)
  • Java security (JDK)
  • Converting existing applications to Java
  • e-ERP, e-CRM developments(Siebel, Ariba, i2, etc.)