School Software Solution & Website

Client is a educational institute run by professional having a good experience in education system. We made the whole website as well as some administration modules to communicate between student/parents and teachers.

We have used ASP.NET as front end and SQL Server as database (backend).Apart from the website we have provided the administration module for parent teacher interaction, uploading student marks, post your resume and post the news etc. Admin can create new teacher, new student, assign teacher to the student etc.


This link is visible in the website and by clicking this it will ask to submit a form.
Anybody can apply job through this link. Once it is saved then admin can check the detailed CV or it can be emailed to respective person.
We used to keep the database for a year and then it can be downloaded through a link.

Student Login

The entire students are provided a username and a password at the time of admission. Parents can change their password for their security. Parents can see the child performance like their grade and any special remarks from the mentor.

If there is any change in the personal details then parents can give an application to the school and admin person will be able to change any personal details. Parents will be given only view rights. A bi monthly report will be shown to the parents and it will remains till the financial year ends.

Mentor Login

Mentor will be able to create student profile
She can map her with the student profile.
She can upload the bi monthly performance to the student profile
She can edit the student profile in case of any mistake or the same reported by the parents

Administrator Login

Admin can create branch database
Admin can create teacher database, class database and section database
Admin can delete a teacher if she leaves the organization
Admin can re assign a mentor for grade upload activity
Admin can promote the whole class to upper class and re assign the mentor
All the mentor login and student login will be available to Administrator.

Online News

Administrator can put any news on day to day basis. We will provide a screen where he can edit or
add any news on daily or monthly basis.