iPad Application Development

The launch of iPad has revolutionized the way people would think of apps and ZAAX has taken to the wave of iPad app development with a bunch of highly successful iPad apps. When it comes to ipad application development, a distinctive advantage that we possess is our long standing relation with Apple and the iOS platform overall.

At ZAAX, we've been analyzing the potential of this new platform both for users and for our clients and have come up with some super sexy iPad apps that are equally cool on the utility quotient. Our iPad app developers are busy working on a few more exciting apps that are soon to hit the appstore. If you have an iPhone app that you want to customize for iPad, or if you are toying with an iPad-only app idea, get in touch with our iPad app development team for a detailed discussion.

Our highly knowledgeable iPad application developers are equipped to leverage the iPad-exclusive features like 3-axis accelerometer and the pop-over interface elements and not just bank on the old school iPhone-like feature set. Our iPad developers are confident and capable of redefining the interactive and gaming experience on iPad with superior development and optimum utilization of the built-in iPad features.

Besides our knowledge and experience in iPad app development, we bring to table our comprehensive understanding of the iPhone / iPad marketplace. ZAAX has the ability to guide you right from the stage of conceptualization to creating a winning iPad application and finally getting it into the App Store.

Contact us today to discuss your iPad app development project.