Digital Promotional Events - Mobile/Tablet Application

Client:Dainik Bhaskar.

Project: Dainik Bhaskar's mobile division team has appointed field marketing executives to convince people to install Bhaskar's mobile apps on their mobile phones and also wanted to track the executive's performance on a daily/ basis. And, also wanted to track the number of installs and uninstalls of the mobile apps for different platforms on a monthly basis.

A Brief description:ZAAX Consulting provided complete solutions. The process involved creating a backend and mobile apps on both the platforms iOS and Android for them, therefore, Bhaskar's backend team can add a new executive, edit an existing executive's personal details and activate/deactivate an existing executive and we created a reporting panel in the backend, where client's backend team can generate various reports i.e. number of app installs done by a particular executive and also have features to export the reports in various formats such as excel, pdf, etc.

Software Technologies and Tools: iOS, XCode, Objective C, MySQL, PHP, HTML, JSON, Jquery, LAMP, Java, Android Studio, Android SDK.