BlackBerry Application Development

After our tremendous success with iPhone development, the case for BlackBerry was no different either. Today, ZAAX has one of the most talented BlackBerry app development teams in the industry.

Our BlackBerry application developers are highly experienced and have thorough understanding of BlackBerry enterprise servers, BlackBerry JDE, BlackBerry Widget SKD, BlackBerry Runtime APIs, and similar technologies that are essential for creating a successful BlackBerry application.

The BlackBerry platform, though highly popular, is a little different from other smartphone platforms in that its primary appeal has so far been among the business people. We've seen BlackBerry adapt and create a more consumer-focused approach in recent times and have worked on major apps for BlackBerry that are entertainment-only, consumer-centric approaches, as well as on BlackBerry applications for the business community. Whether you are thinking of an old-school BlackBerry app, or a next-gen consumer app for BlackBerry, we've done it all, and are the experts you should talk to. The highly skilled designers at ZAAX ensure that our BlackBerry apps have the best user interface - sleek and professional, that suits the taste of businessmen, or funky and wildly original, if your app is targeting the other end of the consumer spectrum. And in either case, you will get top-notch technical work, since our BlackBerry application developers put in the best of technology to bring the apps to life.

ZAAX is definitely one of the most reliable names in BlackBerry app development and our BlackBerry application developers deliver nothing short of the best.

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